West of England Estate Management Company Limited
ARMA - Association of Residential Managing Agents
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  • Collection of ground rent, where applicable
  • Collection of service charges
  • Maintenance of accounting and lessee contribution records, available to independent auditors as required
  • Maintenance of dedicated client bank account to hold funds
  • Preparation of annual expenditure budget
  • Preparation and annual review of forward maintenance programme
  • Arrangement of buildings insurance cover
  • Organization, of minor or reactive maintenance and repair of structure and common parts
  • Organization of contract cleaning and gardening
  • Settling contractor's invoices
  • Dealing with disputes and complaints from or between lessees (we reserve the right to make supplementary fee charges in the event of disputes becoming protracted or involved, by agreement with the client)
  • Company Secretary services where appropriate (maintaining records and registers, calling and minuting meetings, completing and submitting Annual return etc.)
  • Provision of meeting venue for up to 10 persons
  • Having responsibility for risk management and health and safety generally at the client property, and compliance with fire, electrical and asbestos safety requirements in the common parts.


  • Certification of annual accounts
  • Specification, tendering, running and supervision of larger maintenance and repair contracts (typically where S 20 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 applies – competitive tendering, notices, supervision etc.)
  • Processing buildings insurance policy claims
  • Dealing with any matters arising out of defects within Leases, and/or Deeds of Variation to Leases
  • Formation of Limited Companies, amendment of Articles of Association, change of company name
  • Administrative costs incurred in connection with disputed matters which become protracted or involved - by agreement with the client company
  • Supplementary meetings
  • Storage of additional archive material
  • Professional fees of surveyors, engineers, architects, accountants etc instructed by agreement of the client company, (these costs being treated as expenditure items against the service charge fund)
  • Responding to enquiries from solicitors at the time of sale or re-mortgage of flats
  • Receiving and processing notices of assignment/mortgage/charge
  • Processing and grant of Landlord's Authorisations (for alterations etc.)
  • Undertaking proceedings for the recovery of unpaid service charges or ground rent