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Complaint Procedure
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  1. West of England aims to deal with complaints fairly and promptly.
  1. West of England will accept complaints from freeholders, lessees, and tenants who live in, or have an interest in, any building where the company has an involvement as managers, or agents for the freeholder.
  1. Informal complaints may be made by any means, and will be addressed and responded to within 14 days of receipt by the member of who has responsibility for the matter to which the complaint relates.
  1. Formal complaints, or complaints about a member of staff, will be dealt with by the Director, Martin Perry.
  1. Formal complaints should be made in writing, by post, email or fax.
  1. Formal complaints will be acknowledged within 7 days, and a written response will be made within 21 days.
  1. Complainants may appeal the initial response, in which case we will convene a meeting to discuss the complaint, at which the complainant may bring a representative or advisor.
  1. Following the meeting, we will summarise the company’s position in writing.
  1. The process of complaint, response, appeal meeting and summary will be completed, wherever possible, within 8 weeks of receipt of the initial complaint.
  1. If the complainant is still not satisfied after the last stage of the in-house complaint procedure, or more than 8 weeks have elapsed since the complaint was first made, then he/she has the right to take the matter up with the Surveyor’s Ombudsman Service without charge.

Surveyor’s Ombudsman Service
PO Box 1021
T: 0845 050 8181 or 01925 530270
F: 0845 051 1213 or 01925 530271